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Your Choice for Water Well Drilling and Water Pressure System Installation


Edmond Mainville Well Drilling Inc. is your solution for the annoying problem of low water pressure. We can supply you with a new constant pressure system to stabilize your water pressure.

Pumps and Pressure Systems

5-year warranty on most submersible pumps and pressure tanks
Sale and service of pumps of all sizes including jets and submersible pumps
We carry different size pressure tanks to meet your needs
Constant pressure system offer city-like water pressure with stronger and constant pressure

Water Testing

Specific sampling method must be followed for accurate results

Applicable fees depend on municipality or province

Microbiological Analyses:

  • Total Coliform

  • Atypical colonies (total coliforms)

  • Fecal Coliform or E.coli

  • Mineral content

  • Other parameters can be tested

Water Softeners

A water analysis is done for your well to determine the right water softener or conditioner for your needs
We also carry sand and sediment centrifugal separators for your needs
Active carbon filter media and many more!

Since 1985

Residential, commercial and agricultural customers can count on us.

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